So, you’ve decided to head out on the quest of becoming a successful singer/songwriter, artist or band. The first question you should be asking yourself is “WHY”? This is one of the hardest most underpaid industries in the US to make a living at. It takes years of training, playing thankless gigs in skanky bars (or worse), and at the end of it all, you’ll probably be one of the few people who really get your music.

If you answered the “WHY” question with I want to be a huge star next week… then go find a day job. This industry isn’t for you. It will only disappoint you and blaming everyone else for your lack of success.  If you answered “Because it’s who I am, and I can’t do anything else”…. then…. CONGRATULATIONS!! You might just have a shot at this thing!

This blog is designed to be a tool for musicians of all ages and levels who are looking to either start, restart or expand their careers. The information provided on this blog, is designed to be easy to understand and, more importantly, easy to execute in your everyday life.

The Authors have decades of experience in the music industry as performers, engineers, producers, as well as many other hats and roles in the business.  The information on this site is provided to you from their own personal experience. They’ve done it. They have built a successful musical act from the ground up using only their wit, and hard works (and they did it in their 50’s!!). They’ve crafted a trio that had touring, recording and radio success in just 5 years, and they’ve helped other artists reach similar successes using their practices.

If you’re dead set on a career in music, and you have the work ethic to make it happen under your own power, then this blog is a really great place to start. Buckle up and get ready for the ride of your life…