About Us

AREN Creative has been in helping artists and small businesses now for almost 15 years. Starting out in Houston, TX, we cut our teeth on the Texas Music Scene, and built a great reputation for our business services there.

We are Peter "Ren" Renfree and Andi Renfree. We conceived of AREN Creative in 2003 after having several artists come to us with their finished production asking "Now What?". They didn't know where to get photographs taken, CD Artwork done, Websites built. 

Both Ren and Andi are skilled audio engineers, producers, graphic designers, website designers and photographers. They are also skilled performing songwriters for many years, having recently played with 2-Bit Palomino (Texas Vocal Group of the Year 2011 and 2013) and have built successful projects that have toured the US and received substantial radio rankings in their genres. 

Their success has come through hard work and learning what works and doesn't work through a process of trial and error. They have worked hard to cultivate, hone and excel at their craft. Their experience as both successful business owners and as successful artists work in concert to create a range of products that virtually any music professional or business can use to grow their business.